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Representation (In) Location

Excerpt from the essay:

"Tarek Al-Ghoussein embodies both the participant and observer in spaces where quasi-built environments collide with nature. These ‘sets’ are man-made constructions of progress, industry, and enterprise, bordered by the peripheries of sky, sea and dirt in the photographer’s frame. Cement mixers, cranes, temporary industrial fencing, irrigation pipes, and potted flora act as props for Al-Ghoussein’s articulations of an environment in transition. He formally creates each mise-en-scène, which he describes as,“… deliberate compositions made before, after and within the frame”.[i] Moving between abstraction and the specific circumstances found in each location, his self-directed interventions stimulate questions about each site’s imagined purpose and the photographer-cum-protagonist’s relationship to the surrounding environment."


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Tarek Al-Ghoussein: Transfigurations. (2014) London: Black Dog.


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