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The Collector Maker

Essay excerpt:

"We now exist in an era of joyful artistic hybridization. The meshing of disciplines such as photography, collage, and montage is well-established and celebrated. A tension between reality and imagination, or artifice, is an important tenet in constructed photography. If we compare constructed photography to “straight” photography, which relies on a hopeful desire to achieve veracity, truthfulness can act as an important foil to the development of photographic imagination."

Madeline Yale Preston. In The Collectors Eye, with essays by Frazier King, Wendy Watriss and Madeline Yale Preston. 

Featuring works by Kyohei Abe, Chris Akin, Ana Azzara, Pavel Baňka, Cara Barer, Milan Fano Blatný, Sian Bonnell, Jo Ann Callis, Keith Carter, John Chervinsky, Imogen Cunningham, Diane Ducruet, Elaine Duigenan, Vadim Gushchin, John Hilliard, Stephen Hillerbrand + Mary Magsamen, Roberto Fernández Ibáñez, Thomas Kellner, Carlos Jurado, André Kertész, Frazier King, Ferit Kuyas, Robert Langham, François Laxalt, Susan Dunkerley Maguire, Chris McCaw, Claudia Presentado, Fábio Del Re, Vojtěch V. Sláma, Martin Streit, Brad Tempkin, Jerry Uelsmann, Abraham Votroba, Andrés Wertheim, Ion Zupcu and others.


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Preston, Madeline Yale. "The Collector Maker" in The Collector's Eye, Frazier King ed. Amsterdam and Houston: Schilt Publishing and FotoFest International, 2020, pp. 184-193.

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